We have 65 years of experience in construction and maintenance of roads and bridges. As the Capital Group we have operated since 1997.


We introduce the highest quality standards by using modern tools, learned know-how, and continually investing in our own R & D centres to ensure innovativeness of technologies used.


We have the most modern R & D laboratories in Poland, which allows us to implement the most modern technology in the field of road engineering and construction.


We are a stable and reliable company. We have our own technical resources. We know how to run a business of road construction sector to be continuously profitable. Our capital is fully Polish.


Our strength results from the scale of the investments in Poland and in the world, and from the size of the POL-DRÓG Capital Group – we know how to use the potential of the company in its development by making constant expansion into Eastern Europe and Asia Minor.


We employ the best professionals who know how to plan and carry out the work to be on time and fit in the budget. We take care of their sustainable development through our original program Resources Forge. We consistently strive to be the best employer in the industry.


We are responsible for our environment. We support local communities, sponsor sportsmen and do charity work.

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